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    Events of this Weekend

    Some of what I planned this weekend didn’t happen. Began this weekend by not going for choir practice on Friday (Had originally intended to go). Saturday was off to the doctor for my Dad‘s work and then we went to Better Homes in Andheri E to look for a sofa cum bed.

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    More Chauffeuring

    So began Saturday, like any other day. Dad and I set off towards Mahin at a clinic there. Reached there well on time, waited a while, finished the tests and set off towards my grandmom‘s place. Just as we reached St. Michael’s Church signal, the skies opened up and let down their blessing!

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    Weekend at last!

    I’ve had a nice long week at work. Rather packed and tiring and I don’t see it getting better and I am not complaining! Anyway, the weekend is here and I’ve already started making full use of it. Have quite a few things already planned up for the next two days. So lets see how things work out!

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    So where have I been!

    Actually nowhere. I’ve just been so tied up that I haven’t posted anything about my personal life since a long long time! The last two or more weeks have just been with work both at office and at home and a little bit of movie going! Watched Brokeback Mountain on 17th March and when I ended up watching A History of Violence on 19th. The original intention was to watch The Producers, but the show was cancelled 🙁 Work has been less exhausting for the past two weeks, so I am happy about that. The next week is going to be a bit more hectic I feel. Went off to…

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    Sunday se Tuesday tak

    Am home early and typing this entry once again because EXATT SUCKS! As I mentioned earlier, I began Sunday by waking nice and late at 10.30am. Went over to Melody‘s house to help her mom. She needed some data to be restored to her Sony Ericsson P910i. What I expected to be easy, turned out to be a project in itself! Strangely the backup and restore software that comes in the cell refused to work! After a lot of research online and a good deal of R&D, I was finally able to restore her contacts list to her new phone. Left her place around 9.30pm. Plans with Madam A didn’t…

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    The Week ends!

    It’s Friday evening. The end of a short week. The week just flew by so quickly I didn’t even realize. Had practice on Monday, prayer meeting on Tuesday. It was the first one for the year and began with exposure to the Blessed Sacrament. Adoration was uptil 9pm. I missed the start because of us now being left at 6.15pm from work. Don’t think I will manage getting there on time anymore! Had choir practice this evening for mass tomorrow. Had some really yummy cake after that. I really eat a lot! Must note that I have been reaching home much earlier than expected, inspite of leaving later. Guess it…

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    Movies, pizzas and more this weekend

    Did a real lot this weekend! Had choir practice as usual on Friday which was pretty normal. Woke up nice and late on Saturday morning 😀 Headed over to Melody‘s place for work. She had prepared some awesome Goa Sausages (and she didn’t blog about it). Plans with Madam C didn’t materialize in the end and I headed home around 7 pm. Spent the rest of the evening working for a new site. Will post details about it when it is done. But, plans with Anjali materialized. We had decided to go out for dinner followed by The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which was running at Fame Adlabs. However, mom…

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    It’s finally weekend

    And am I glad! This week has been rather lack lustre, probably because I haven’t been keeping too well. My stomach has been troubling me for the past three days. On the positive side, I finally succeeded in getting my test system up and running. Now what remains is large scale testing. It’s tiring, but I am enjoying that. Visited my doc on the way home today. Well I’ve got to stop eating outside food, which is tough considering my folks are out. Anyways lots of rice and curd for me I guess for the next few days 🙁

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    Weekend… Finally!

    Well it’s finally one proper weekend. I’ve been working straight for almost 21 days with little breaks in between. Lot’s of overtime and past three Saturdays and I am exhausted! Have been leaving on time the past few days and today did a lot of work in a very short while to ensure that I not only leave on time but also make sure I don’t need to come tomorrow. So tomorrow will be a day of rest and while Sunday should probably be a little study and lot of cleaning day. I’m a bit too bored to go for the church fete so am gonna sit at home. Am…

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    Salaam Namaste!

    Watched Salaam Namaste at Cinemax, Andheri. Salaam Namaste is the story of two Indians in Australia. Ambar played by Preity Zinta comes to Australia to learn medicine and works part time as a radio jockey for the radio station Salaam Namaste. Nick (Saif Ali Khan) is an architect by profession and a chef by choice living his life with no commitments and as he chooses too. Nick, being Nick, fails to turn up for a scheduled interview with Salaam Namaste jockey Ambar simply because he oversleeps. She rewards him with a lesson in punctuality and discipline. They eventually meet and as with most Bollywood movies the fighting couple falls in love.…

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