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    Escape to Khandala!

    Headed off to Khandala with Melody, Elvis and Delilah last weekend (17-18 September). Had planned this quite a while back and I was really hoping that work would not make me cancel. Thankfully, it did not. We had booked a car and driver who would be with us during the two days which was a very smart thing to do. Having your own set of wheels is very much a necessity. We headed to Khandala early Saturday morning and reached there before 8am.We were staying in Khandala in a nice “dalmation” house. I’m not going to go into a detailed account of the visit there because once again Melody has…

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    Zonals 50

    After yet another exhausting work week in which I spent Thursday working till 8.15pm in office, I was really really looking forward to the weekend. Had planned to buy my cell this weekend, however, it didn’t happen. Elvis and Delilah are back and Melody had booked tickets for St. Andrew’s Parish Zonals. I was under the impression that it would only be a series of plays. However, it turned out to be more. I was really impressed by the talent of the youngsters especially those on the piano. And when I say, youngsters, I mean really young. The plays were moderate and so the instrumentals and the singers were the…

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    A good weekend

    It has been one very very exhausting week at work and I am glad that the weekend has more than made up for it as I got a good amount of rest. I also happened to spend a good deal of it on the computer, yesterday doing quite a bit of site work and today making a lot of blog posts. Last night was out with Melody. This evening did the Prayer of the Faithful for 6pm mass. Was normal. Headed back home and will soon be going off to bed. Yet another week begins tomorrow!

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    Work Work Weekend

    Had a three day weekend on account of Monday 15th being Independence day. Unfortunately, though I did spend a good amount of time freaking out during the weekend, I did spend a good amount of it with my office work which I took home. The volume of work has been rather high nowadays so I am forced to take it home.

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    The end of the week… finally!

    Finally, because last Saturday we were working and so this time we are actually get a full weekend (amidst rumours that we would have a half day tomorrow to compensate for that on last Monday). Today was a rather tiring day at work, with me not having a minutes rest. Am pleased I finished how whatever I had in target today, despite interruptions. Today I received ICICI Bank’s Online CC, which can be used for only Online buying, even though I never applied for it! It seems that ICICI is just distributing cards to every bank account holder (with some getting two :O ). I am going to phone their…

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    Week and Weekend

    Have had a rather exhausting week at work. But, it has been fun so I won’t complain too much. Had choir practice on Monday and A. Anita treated us as it was her birthday last Sunday. Went out on Thursday evening for soup to Lom Chings. I only like the place because of the soup. Not much for their dinner. Didn’t go for practice on Friday because I was really very irritated on some situation that had cropped up on Friday. Won’t post about it here because it would be bad publicity for those it concerns. Saturday was the much awaited weekend as usual. Woke up nice and late. Had…

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    This was one weekend alright!

    After one rather tiring week at work, I was really looking forward to this weekend. But, before that on Thursday, I had plans to leave by two but so tied up with work that I actually left at five. Anyway, got back home and did a lot of housework. By a lot, I mean sweeping and swobbing the entire house, cleaning the bathroom and toilet, washing, hanging and folding a good amount of clothes and last but not the least, washing the kitchen platform! :O (aspiring brides please disregard the entire paragraph) And on Friday, my parents and bro were back from Kerala. Finally, because I was getting really fed…

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