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    So where have I been!

    Actually nowhere. I’ve just been so tied up that I haven’t posted anything about my personal life since a long long time! The last two or more weeks have just been with work both at office and at home and a little bit of movie going! Watched Brokeback Mountain on 17th March and when I ended up watching A History of Violence on 19th. The original intention was to watch The Producers, but the show was cancelled 🙁 Work has been less exhausting for the past two weeks, so I am happy about that. The next week is going to be a bit more hectic I feel. Went off to…

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    A Working System

    Finally! 😀 I have been struggling with getting this up and running for quite a while now. Had hoped to complete by 6th, but wasn’t able to. Finally managed to get it fully functional yesterday. Now I can finally begin my testing! (and you think it would be complete) This does mean that I got a lot of work ahead. And then we always have Mr. Murphy lurking in the background.

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    Faced traffic on Saturday and just had a repeat performance on Monday as well! After a rather irritating day at work I reached the area only around 8.30pm Decided to visit the local ATM, only to find out that it was temporarily shut for refilling! Got the bike to work today in the hope of going for Prayer Meeting, which I think I shall be able to manage today after a long long time! Have managed to got the system working after a good day of trial and error. Now next step forward…

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    Two Movies in a Tiring Week

    This has been one really really killing week. Killing because in addition to work being non-stop and tiring and frustrating at times, I haven’t been keeping too well. Saturday was the worst because I had a terrible headache right from Friday itself. Saturday just made it worse. Not sure what is the exact reason, but it could be lack of sleep. Watched Walk the Line last Sunday and Syriana on Friday. Work tended to be rather frustrating because once again my friend Murphy played his role to perfection. However I was satisfied by the end of the week, because we did manage to iron out a lot of bugs in…

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    A really frustrating long week!

    Ok this is going to be one complaint-ridden post. So read on if you want to read me complaining yet again. It began last Sunday with me giving the CET for MBA. Had a nice break after the exam when I went with Madam A to watch Firewall.

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    Pizza, Taxes, more Pizza, Mass and Work!

    Dominos’ came out with an offer last week to celebrate 10 years, viz. a buy one get one free. Took the opportunity to pick up two large pizzas, which lasted a good two days between hungry me, light eating Mom and big eater brother! Spent a good amount of Friday at work submitting all the stuff required for Form C. Taxes….! Made up my mind to not go to work on the weekend. Went out with Madam C after a long long time. Unable to find a good movie running, we were heading back to Bandra, when I remembered of a place I used to frequent in college for pizzas.…

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    Five Saturdays Working

    It’s official. In order to achieve our targets for the coming year, we will now have to work for five Saturdays starting 25th. Am glad that tommorrow isn’t working as I need the rest. Update: Saturdays will be working till 5.15 (thankfully not 6.15)

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    Lion King to V-Day

    A friend invited me to go for a play by the students of Salvation School, Dadar. Was a bit apprehensive about it but went along on Sunday evening. The play was held at Andrew’s Auditorium. In one word – “superb” ! The children were really cute. The first play was the “Cobbler and the Elves”, which was followed by “The Lion King”. It followed the same story line as Disney’s, which I haven’t yet watched. The play was long, but sweet and the kids can really act! Monday, Tuesday and today were rather exhausting days at work. Left at 8pm on Monday after spending almost the whole day down in…

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    Yet another week gone by…

    Well, I’m exhausted! It’s been a week and once again I haven’t had the time to blog. Last Saturday, the 4th was a rather eventful day. Something that will remain in my memory for a long long time. And I won’t mention why 😉 In the evening had the “Fiesta Night” in church. The legendary band Crimson Rage were called to play. The only reason I went was because I heard that they mainly play ballroom music. They didn’t give me reason to complain. The music was simply fabulous. Unfortunately only till 10.30. Food was horrid, but then you can’t expect much for 150 bucks, can you? Took a walk…

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