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Yeh Des Hai Mera

College Bureaucracy

You just got to love our country for its lazy government officials, useless college staff and i-sit-on-my-ass-all-day-long-and-think-i-am-king clerks.

I haven’t mentioned much of my brother on this blog, infact to many of you, this may be news that I got one!

My brother suffers from an eye problem from birth. It’s called lazy eye or amblyopia.

At all the major exams, we have applied for extra time, i.e. get gets an extra half hour for each paper. With his T.Y. B.COM exams starting from next week, this week we decided to go to the university and apply for the same.
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A Nightmare in Public Transport

Had to attend my Grandma’s birthday party last evening and since my bike was giving problems I decided to use public transport to get back home from work.

Left my workplace a little after 3.30pm and hitched a ride with a colleague heading towards Thane. His plans changed and I had to get off at Rabale and find a bus or auto heading towards Airoli.

For those who aren’t aware, the transport in Navi Mumbai SUCKS!

After a good deal of waiting I a 513 arrived and I jumped in as it heads towards Mulund.

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