Testing Comment Guard

I’ve started testing Comment Guard which is a new plugin by Angsuman.

This is a revolutionary plugin that requires no user intervention and can protect your blog Robotic spam and Human Spam.

If you face any problems when commenting, please send me an email with the error message.

Emails come through and I check my email regularly.

I’ll be running this for a few days if there are no problems, before I switch back to my regular anti-spam plugins.

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12 thoughts on “Testing Comment Guard”

  1. Damn, I’m getting sloppy. I just need to take a big long break and stay away from blogging and sites for a while… but then again… 😐

  2. Dunno.

    I just had to turn it off as I’m under a spam attack again and it stopped about 400, but let about 50 through in 5 mins.

    It still needs work, but it looks promising.

    BTW don’t you think you’ve gone a bit notice crazy below??? I couldn’t even see the submit button given that it doesn’t have any shading and only a very faint border. Very un-user friendly!

  3. Any updates on this now a week or two later?
    Still using it? Still happy?
    I’m definitely always interested to learn about more anti-spam options!

  4. It worked well, but I had no way to track what was getting blocked on not. For sure trackbacks and pingbacks were getting blocked.

    It also had a few bugs with comments not going through and you had to type it in again. I’ve switched back to SK2 and the Math plugin for now.

  5. I stopped using it after 2 days as it was going ok until my site got attacked my spammers (about 100 spams a minute) and it was letting about 10 a minute through.

    It’s in beta though, so I’m sure it will get better. But, I’ve gone back to SK2 as even with the amount of spam I get I still like to be able to check for false positives.

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