The Baby is Here

Have been waiting a good deal and definitely didn’t expect it to land here so early, but as I mentioned my laptop arrived yesterday.

And as I was really anxious to get started on it, I called up Dell and asked them to send an engineer over today itself.

He came over and completed the installation and checked the entire system. Dell has a nice diagnostic CD that checks everything.

Windows Vista Home Basic Edition seems to be decent so far.

I was a little irritated that the C: is 100GB and the inbuilt shrinker didn’t work. It’s great that I will have (in another 12 hours) an external 120GB hard drive and a 2GB pen drive.

That’s a picture to the right. And here is the configuration.

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  1. @Thilak, I got the Basic edition, had to pay more for the Premium. I prefer XP!

    @Benedict, let me know when it arrives.

    @MAD, You should see her in real! Still haven’t thought of a name. Any suggestions?

  2. Congrats. Vista is so much in the news for both right/wrong reasons. When do you review Vista on yr blog?

    Btw, is it fine to order online? How will be the customer service in Navi Mumbai?

  3. nice, congratts

    yup as mentioned above a review of vista would be cool… how about that ?

  4. Hey thats so cool…You should have opted for vista premium…as according to me Vista is all about aero look…and you dont get that in basic…that’s I got home premium. Apart from that you get all features in basic I guess.

  5. CONGRATs once again…UR BABY looks SUPERB..!! 😉 yeh, do give an update on the WOW factor of VISTA.
    Btw any chances of u commenting on INDIA’s disastrous run at the world cup??? Feeling horrible..with a overrated overbloated…underperforming team!!! 🙁

  6. @Parag and Madhur, Thank you 🙂

    @Ranjan and Puneet, Just started playing around with Vista and I like what I see so far.

    @Ranjan, it isn’t exactly online, after you “order” online, the sales rep contacts you and you then finalize everything. I paid by cheque.

    @MAD, do you need an invitation?

    @Benedict, Congrats!

    @Mr. Byte, The aero requires 2GB for good performance. Picking up the Premium involved a lot more expenditure, something I don’t want to take right now. I can always upgrade later.

  7. Well the WOW I believe is more associated with Aero skin/theme, but Vista is kinda cool.

    And as for the cricket, you call that a team?

  8. But i dunno why they are still showing ads of Indian team playing world cup. Yesterday when I was watching 300, they screened the ad of RBK with Indian players and the whole hall yelled at them and not to mention all those people are from the so called elite society

  9. P.S. The math plugin kept asking me the sum of 10+3. I would put 13. \”not a correct sum. go back and try again\” Kept doing it and rewriting my question and it would still say wrong sum.

    Had to refresh the page to get a different question. 10+3 is 13 right? lol

  10. @MAD wow that was a kewl post, well said!! yah agree y talk abt a team which is not even a team!!

  11. Vista.. great I have orded my copy as wel… I hope it is going to work fine!

  12. I have mine already. I have to get use to it but for now it looks ok. We’ll see what bugs there are.

  13. Dell is grate choice. I have the same one but anoter model – XPS M1210.Its quite me well.

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