Seems like one crash followed the other.

My computer had started to give major problems since last week. These problems just seemed to spike about the weekend. Managed through the weekend until the big crash took place early Monday morning.

I wasn’t able to boot into Windows at all. Did the next best thing and booted into Recovery Console and rank chkdsk.

Had to leave the unit like this when I went over to a friends place to finish off application form work. All done but one.

chkdsk usually solves the problem and it seemed like it had done so this time as well but Windows refused to start.

Had no option but to reinstall the OS. This time I installed it on my Samsung Hard-disk instead of the Maxtor. Wanted to preserve the data on Maxtor and restore what I could.

The installation has always been a breeze because of my unit is powerful, so no complains there. Have spent whole of last night and early today restoring my applications!

There is a lot to be done. But, thankfully things are a lot faster now 🙂

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  1. You had a perfect opportunity to install a Linux OS – and you lost it. You you will have to wait till the next crash. Don’t worry – since you are using windows, it will be soon. 😉

    What was the problem, by the way? HDD Failure? OS trouble?

  2. I’m not really a Linux guy. Have had my fair share of experiences with it. It still has to get a lot more functional before I get my folks to use it (remember I got a family PC).

    No OS can survive for long with my usage. This one lasted nearly a year!

  3. Maxtor is a brand of harddrives. If I am not mistaken originally by IBM. I’ve had horrible problems with Samsung SATA drives and hence chose Maxtor.
    Update: As you can see I’ve modified the spelling!

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