The Day after Christmas

I read a card the other day that said Happy Birthday today, Happy Hangover Tomorrow!.

Well, I don’t drink, so that wouldn’t apply to me, but yes if I had gone to work, it would definitely have felt like one!

Took 26th off from work and I realized this was much needed. Was only able to sleep around 6am on 26th morning after the great Christmas Dance.

Had to go to church in the evening to sing for a mini-fest that happens every year. Was really shocked to see how low scale it was this year. I guess this was probably because we had other major church activities this year.

The choir wasn’t at full strength, many had sore voices, but I think we came out quite well. Just that we were singing to an almost empty audience!

Dropped Madam A off to a friends place after the singing before heading back home. Had planned on visiting a doctor but I think I’m doing fine.

Have to go to work now. The last week of this year. It better go well!

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