The end of the week… finally!

Finally, because last Saturday we were working and so this time we are actually get a full weekend (amidst rumours that we would have a half day tomorrow to compensate for that on last Monday).

Today was a rather tiring day at work, with me not having a minutes rest. Am pleased I finished how whatever I had in target today, despite interruptions.

Today I received ICICI Bank’s Online CC, which can be used for only Online buying, even though I never applied for it!
It seems that ICICI is just distributing cards to every bank account holder (with some getting two :O ). I am going to phone their help line and ask them what the heck they seem to be doing!

Applied for a Standard Chartered life-time free card, since I felt the need for one for online transactions.

Had a brief disagreement with a rather irritating admin staff on the return journey in the bus today.
A really oversmart chap who pokes his nose in everyone else’s business and doesn’t do anything of his!
Sometimes, the inefficiency of the adminstrations can really get really very frustrating.
(Warning: Blogging can get you fired)

Anyway, tomorrow is a weekend and nothing is going to spoil my mood.

I also got my 6230 back in perfect condition yesterday. However, have finally zeroed in on the Nokia 6681, since it seems to fit within my budget 🙂

Bye for now.

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