The Pulsar Arrives!

Finally! After many days of waiting, my Pulsar has arrived home!

Began the day going for mass and even did the reading:O

Went to U. Conrad‘s place with James and Amita around 9 am for the chart work and harrassed everyone there about the coming of my new bike!

After a good lunch (thanks to A. Anita), I left to collect the bike from Sai Service at 2.30pm and picked up Austin on the way. Austin’s got a sexy new cellphone today.

Reached the place and completed the formalities and I kept staring out of the window for my baby. The antirust and teflon coating weren’t done, so we waited for it to be complete. Did I mention that I fell in love with her instantly:roll::O

Started the bike after a short prayer and she started immediately. The self-start makes it easier, but I will avoid using it.

The gear system is different from the CBZ so it will take time till I am used to it.

Austin brought the bike to Accent, where I practised for some time. He even left me home and took a rick back. It’s great to have such an helpful pal.

Going to meet him in the evening after choir practice to practise on my new bike.

I practised the bike in the building for sometime. And will do so again now.

I am not sure if I will take the bike to U. Conrad’s place again as I need a lot more confidence on it.

Let’s see…

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