The Real Reason Behind Digg’s Bury Brigade

The Real Reason Behind Digg's Bury Brigade

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  1. Lol. Digg used to be a place I frequented quite a bit. It’s gotten out of hand lately. Heck, a lot of the stories I’m starting to think are just made up so people can get 1000s of hits by doing close to no work. Think of something controversial, especially technology related, get 20 people to Digg it and it’s off. I can see it now:

    \”Bush Hates Vista, loves The Google on his Mac\”

  2. Sorry I am so late to this post! I just stumbled across it. Digg has become completely compromised by a select group of individuals that will create link bait and then pusg it to the first page as a group. It never allows for the little guys that are submitting some really, good, interesting stuff to ever have a chance.

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