The Week in retrospection

Another week has passed by, and for a change, this has been a rather active week, both professionally as well as personally.

Monday began just like every other Monday, sluggish and boring. However, once I got to work, it all went away as usual. I’m loving my job and Monday was no exception to work. Had choir practice in the evening. Taking the bike to work has been good, as I have some time to myself before I go for practice.

Tuesday was also a great day at work because, with the help of my colleague, I got the system ready for one of the projects I am working on. Tested it and it seems fine. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge at work, and I soon have to employ it in my current project.

Met up with Cloreisha on Wednesday evening after work and just dropped her at Andheri station.
Prepared the simulation of my project in PSIM at work. It sure looks fun.

Had to go sing on Thursday evening for the 7 pm mass. However, thanks to traffic and urgent need to withdraw some money, I wasn’t able to make it on time there, so chucked the plan.

Friday dawned, a bright new day. I had to decide to begin coding and used the ready-made program for generating PWM waves. However, the program failed miserably, because the DSP refused to output any wave, no matter how hard I tried!

As usual, I got my colleague to help me. He’s been rather helpful and a good guide. We sat and debugged and I realized, my logic was all wrong, as the system is active low!
I still haven’t gotten the PWM wave to work, but I did get my digital outputs to work. Monday shall be when I debug my PWM program.

Friday evening, five of us guys, viz. Chintan, Ashish, Sidharth, Jaidev and I decided to just go out, being Friday night and all. So, we headed off to Hiranandani, Powai. After a brief stopover at Pizza Hut, we roamed the area looking for a pub. Didn’t find a pub, but we did find Aura, which is a restrobar and part of the Rodas’ chain of hotels. An expensive place, and it was a major setback on my wallet, but it was good fun.

Just got back home from Melody‘s place today. Reached there only at 11, because my eyes just refused to open before 9 am. Guess I’m gonna go take an afternoon nap. The week leaves me all zapped on my weekend.

So much to do, so little time…

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