This Past Week in Ajay’s Life

Pizza Hut

It sure has been a while since I visited Pizza Hut, but it was a welcome change when I visited it on Thursday. They have introduced a new range of pizzas which is not yet displayed online. Well, they didn’t turn out to be extraordinary, and definitely didn’t look like the pictures on the menu :O
Advertising 😛

Mass was good and so was our singing. U. Conrad asked me to sing the response. Hey! I’m not a solo singer! But, I can definitely “say” the responses 😉

Sunday was the AIMCAT as usual. This time it wasn’t as good as I hoped. Ran out of time for Maths. Maybe my stratergy needs to be revised. Also picked the wrong ones for DI and wasted time 🙁 Better here than at the CAT.

Monday also was rather uneventful except that I dropped into bed at 9.30pm. It has been a long long time since I ever went to sleep so early. I guess I have been really exhausted as I do most of my computer work in the nights.

Did end up awaking around 1.30, checking mail and sites and VPS till 2.30pm and then going back to sleep again.
Woke up in the morning to find 37 emails saying Exim has failed. This is after the 137 that I got on Monday morning!
I have a feeling that the cPanel Update is messing up with Exim, as it has just repeated today itself.

Met up with the mouse on Tuesday, as she accompanied me to buy the entrance exams’ forms.

We first went to the SBI in Dadar, only to find out that their stupid computers were down and they weren’t giving any forms! X(

Next stop was Dena Bank in Worli for the NMIMS forms. Their procedure was smooth and simple.
Pay the money (a lot of it), take the forms and out you go!

We dropped of the bike at her place and then set off towards town for lunch at 5 Spice. They also have a joint at Bandra. Well, the food wasn’t up to the mark today. Guess it was just a bad day.

Spent some time with the mouse and then headed back home.

Slept post 1am last night as well. Tonight I’m going to try to make it before 12pm!

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