This Weekend

Dad left early Saturday morning for Muscat and so Mom and I dropped him off… to the rick, not the airport 😉

Had a short nap after lunch and left for class. Also made it back for the 7pm mass to find out that we weren’t singing. Well, didn’t have to go on Sunday.

Sunday morning was yet another AIMCAT. English was good, though DI sucked as well as the third section which definitely wasn’t Quant :O Will wait for the result on Wednesday-Thursday.

Sat for the afternoon lecture which was to discuss Quant from the AIMCATs. Good amount of doubts cleared. Spent the rest of Sunday and Monday at home. The mouse was back again on Monday morning.

Have planned to finish a good deal of Quant whole of this week. Still not finalized those details, so maybe it may just be a mixture of all the subjects. Have got a new study partner, so this will definitely help.

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