To College, To College… (Part 1)

It’s been two years since I passed out. Work never gave me the time and so finally now that I am at home have taken up the job of getting my transcripts and recos from college.

So set off today with Gautam to college and met Himanshu who was also there for the same purpose, not to mention few others as well.

Reached there and realized that I will need copies of my marksheets, which meant that transcripts wouldn’t be done today.

However, there is a lot more needed. Hence, did everything else. Got part of the work done, which involved getting permission for the letterheads and paying the money for the transcripts.

There is still a good deal to do i.e. actually getting the transcripts, getting them signed, making multiple copies of them, getting those stamped and printed, getting the envelopes stamped…

So that may be done next week, subject to availability of the letterheads!

Couldn’t do much so got back home. A new, or rather one week old problem had started with our power connection. It kept flickering and going off and on. I was able to trace it to the main DP switch in our staircase.
Got the electrician over today and was in for shock to realize that the one of the terminals had burnt. What was even worse was that the whole unit had heated up a lot. Couldn’t touch it for quite a while!

You can see the burnt switch below.

The burnt DP Switch

The switch has been replaced and everything is back to normal.

Will probably rest a while before I go hit my books!

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