To MDC and back…

After a 2 day trip to Management Development Center, Lonavala as part of the Total Quality Management program, I am back to Mumbai and back to work.
The trip was both educative and fun (can’t say which was more).

We left Mumbai at around 7.00pm on Monday after work and reach Lonavala by around 9.30pm

Since we really couldn’t really be lectured by that time, we were given time off. So, all I did was check into my room and then had dinner.
Dinner, as expected, was excellent. Ate a good amount. Loved the Gulab Jamuns. After dinner played a little bit of table tennis (first time ever). Realized I’m not such a bad player at it.

Had to awake by 5.30am, so went off to bed by 12.30am. Awoke, had morning coffee, then followed that up with breakfast (corn flakes, toast, butter, jam, idlis and coffee:O) and finally went off to the Learning room for the day’s session.

This was a smaller learning room from the one we were in last time. Had quite a heavy doze of lectures right uptil 8.00 pm.
However, the lectures were rather interesting. Had lectures on Quality and Six Sigma. We were later shown a film “Ek Ruka Hua Faisla” starring Annu Kapoor, Pankaj Kapur, K.K. Raina, M.K. Raina, S.M. Zaheer.

Released in 1986, the movie tells the story of a jury called in to decide a case in which a young boy is convicted of murdering his father. Of the 12, only one person decides to vote “Not Guilty”, simply because he is not convinced about the boy being guilty. He later on argues his case and succeeds in convincing the remaining members.

Why were we showed this movie? My interpretation is to enlighten us on the working of a panel and the difficulties in taking decisions.

The movie does provide a lot of insight on this. The jury consists of members of different professions, with different interests. One wants to make a quick decision so that he can go watch a movie. One convinced by the prosecution, refuses to budge till the end. Another one really hates persons from slums and the lower class, wants to convict the boy simply because he is one of them. One unsure, keeps changing sides as new evidence comes up and finally one who due to a bad experience from his son, wants to convict the boy.

After the movie, we had a small party until around 10pm followed by dinner. Didn’t eat much ’cause, I feasted at the party:O

The next day’s session was about Cost Leadership, Paradigm Shift and Management of Change.
All the lectures were very entertaining and enriching, especially the one on Paradigm Shift, where we were shown a film by Joel Barker. We were shown the film The Power of Vision during our Orientation Program in July. The Quartz watch and Xerox are prime examples of the Paradigm Effect.

Went off for tea just before we left off for home. Had lots of pizza. Also picked up the chikki I bought for the department and for me as well.

The drive home was rather uneventful. Was the last person to get off the bus at MIDC. Surprisingly, the journey home from Lonavala was in under three hours.

Reached home to find that the painting is still not completed; will take another two days I guess.

Key events at Lonavala:
1. Paradigm shift and change
2. Lot’s of good food to eat
3. Lots of coffee to drink (five times a day)

The trip was a good break from work. Had a really good time there. Now, I begin my official tenure in Design with a fresh mind (hopefully).

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