Tremors rattle parts of Maharashtra

Below is the report from

Tremors rattled Mumbai and parts of Maharashtra at around 1514 IST on Monday.

Though details are awaited, received calls from Pune, Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara and Karad reporting tremors.

Tremors were felt in parts of neighbouring Goa and Karnataka too.

Initial reports said the earthquake, measuring 5.1 on the Richter Scale, was centered around Koyna in western Maharashtra.

Konya is an area prone to seismic activity.

“The quake measured 5.1. The epicentre of the quake, which occurred at 1514 IST, is in Koyna region. We are still looking into other details,” an official at the Indian Meteorological Department in New Delhi said.

The epicentre of the quake is at 17.2 degree North Latitude, 73.7 degree East Longitude, he said.

There was panic in Nariman Point business district in Mumbai, with people rushing out of multi-storied office buildings.

“Kucha-pucca houses may develop cracks, while weaker buildings may fall. Dams are generally built to withstand high intensity quakes. So there is no need to worry about the Koyna dam,” the IMD official said.

The Koyna dam is one of the biggest hydro-electric projects in the state.

You can view the image of the epicenter here.

I was at work when the Earthquake struck. Didn’t feel any tremors. Tomorrow’s newspapers will be full of stories about this.

Ohh… mine was the second site on the web to list this. How can I tell that? Well, I scourged through all the popular news sites and only Rediff had it listed. And ummmm, I quoted the above text from there ;))

Incidently, today was a rather destructive day. As I was on my way to work, just near my office we passed by an accident site. Could tell that it was a rather gruesome accident of two trucks. Found out that the death toll was six persons. It was really bad, as one truck was totally ripped apart. I shudder to think the force of the collision :O

God bless all the souls of those who lost their lives and I pray for those injured that He may provide quick healing.

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  1. I’ve never feel tremors, I’m lucky that live in calm region where we haven’t disasters like earthquake and others…

  2. Thankfully, I didn’t feel the tremors either.
    We have been hit by only two major earthquakes in the past ten years or something.
    But, it is scary!

  3. we can never guess when mother nature going to hit. In california, we have earthquakes. All we can do prep for them

  4. I guess you put that perfectly Tracy.

    No matter how powerful we may get, we still remain powerless against the forces of nature!

  5. You should have been in the city – there was such an unnecessary panic – rumors were being spread that Tsunamis had hit Nariman Point (which in truth was evacuated, but not for Tsunamis).

    The waters had also risen at Bandra Bandstand & though not in the news, one casualty was reported.

    Guess all this proves is that we should be prepared at all times. Keep our souls ready to meet our Maker..

  6. Never heard this rumour, but I can understand the chaos!

    So did you get a halfday?

    Guess all this proves is that we should be prepared at all times. Keep our souls ready to meet our Maker..

    Well said 🙂

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