Yesterday was the funeral of U. Colin.

Luckily, my boss allowed me to leave my 2pm itself, so I was able to go for the funeral.

Picked up Melody from Bandra and then we came back to my church.

Sang for mass. Was really hard though, as my mood was rather down. My usual thought ran through my mind that I am not afraid of dying, but the thought of losing someone close terrifies me. Must say that U. Colin looked very peaceful.

Didn’t go for the burial after the mass, because we had to rush to Worli for some work. So, made a quick stopover at home before we went there.

Rode all the way to Worli and thankfully her work got done fast and we back in Bandra by 7pm. Stopped off at Candies for a quick bite, before going off to Mt. Carmel’s church for the prayer meeting.

I don’t usually go for prayer meetings and it’s been over four years since I went for one. Last was in Muscat. Stopped due to various reasons I won’t post about.

But, Melody helped me open my mind with a simple statment:

You are going there for your faith

It turned out to be different from what they normally do as they were having adoration yesterday. But, it turned out good for me, because I prayed for quite a while. Guess I needed it and got that opportunity yesterday.

Met a lot of persons yesterday. May go next Tuesday, may not go next Tuesday. Will needa think and decide that.

Yesterday also happened to be my parents’ anniversary. Last year, I had a tragic accident. Thankfully, none of that happened this year:O

But, I couldn’t eat the chicken biryani Mom had made, as I was fasting, so I just got it out here to office for today’s lunch.

Also got my CAT results yesterday. Was stunned to see a 85.87 Percentile. Stunned because I hadn’t even touched my books and still managed a decent score. Maybe if I did…

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