TwitterCounter Plugin – Now with Twitter Remote

Want to display the number of followers you have on on your blog or website? Then TwitterCounter is a fantastic solution for this.

Want to make installation of badges on your blog a breeze? Then use my TwitterCounter Plugin.

The latest update includes complete support for Twitter Remote. Twitter Remote is a unique way of displaying which twitter users recently visited your blog or website.

The plugin will allow you to set all the settings from within Administration area itself. If you’re using sidebar widgets, you’ll find two available, one for the badge and another for the remote.

I’ve also added uninstall support for the plugin and rewrote a good portion of the code.

The next version should include custom CSS support as well as displaying only the count. I’ll probably throw in a few statistics as well. Would you like that? Comment and let me know.

Oh, before I forget, are you following @ajaydsouza on twitter? View my TwitterCounter stats.