Two Movies, a play and a lot of junk food

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had quite a bit lined up this weekend.

Went over to Melody‘s place on Saturday afternoon. We went off to Imax Adlabs to watch the Mistress of Spices. Please do not watch this movie!

Hogged on American hotdogs, smoothies, coke and popcorn until we thought we would be fed up of it (I doubt)!

After the movie we made a short stopover at her place before heading off to watch Anish Trivedi’s play Still Single at NCPA. on the bike (Ouch!)

The play can also be looked upon as a story of life in the big city, told through drama and humour. It revolves around Sunita, a single woman who is a successful investment banker, and takes a look at her relationship with her friends, colleagues and the man she meets.

While the first half tended to get boring, the second half was great, but with a predictable ending. Dialogs were good and some really touching.
But NCPA really needs to improve the experimental theatre! The picture below is the view from where we were seated.

From one end of Mumbai, we headed off to another end for dinner at Salt ‘n’ Pepper at Juhu.

Haven’t been there before, but it turned out to be a reasonably priced joint with really good food. It was a welcome break from the junk that we ate in the afternoon 🙂

Went with Melody on Sunday to Imax once again (the American Hot dog guy recognizes us now!), this time to watch the Pink Panther.

The movie kept us in splits. Stupid, but recommended for a good laugh!
Added to our junk food streak by having the hotdog and coke and hot corn.

Got back home and immediately left for the six pm mass.

Have spent the rest of yesterday evening and whole of today at home. Have done some work and will spend the rest of today working.

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  1. Sounds fun, movies and plays. Some one is enjoying life to the fullest. Except tht the first movie you saw got some horrible reviews, so dont grudge you that one. Bikes may be painful but i hear that the roads are dug up once again, and they are the fastest way to move form one place to another these days.

  2. Hi Yash,

    I’m sure your glad to see a post on my life after a while.

    Well, marine drive is in a mess because our darling BMC and others just can’t wait to dig up roads. I always found that area confusing, now it sucks!

  3. Hey dear, enjoyed the entire weekend,the movies, the play, the junk food, the rides from one end of the city to the other & most of all the company 🙂

    Thanks again darling!

    PS: This weekend – work!!!

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