Unwell again, but better now

Went to Melita‘s place yesterday afternoon as she was treating us with Pizza. We ordered from Pizza Hut and got our pizza delivered in 45 minutes, so they agreed to give our next purchase a 50% off! For once I was really put off by Pizza Hut. They served late, the delivery guy didn’t have a menu nor the discount coupon, which really lacked in service and the pizzas weren’t cut properly. I guess eating at Pizza Hut makes more sense!

After this, James and I went to submit the forms for the voter’s list but were told that we need photocopies of ration card. Couldn’t she tell us before?

Hardly had time to rest when I got home when I left for Takshila again to meet the folks of the other day.

Had quite a bit of fun, though I could feel my health deteriorating rather quickly.
Got back home, had dinner and drank a cup full of Pepper Tea. My throat burned, but I guess it helped. I’m still alive and kicking now.

Today, except for the voter’s thingy, I will be at home, so will take my fair share of rest, before I’m back on the road again 🙂

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