Update from Tuesday

Have been trying to update, but somehow my net kept conking off every time I attempted to. Here goes…

Tuesday was the prayer meeting. Made it on time for a change, despite having left from work at 6.30pm.

After praise and worship, we had the third in a series of four talks on Inner Healing by Antony Lobo. Missed the first two due to my illness and St. Cecilia’s feast.

Anyway, the talk was superb. Really loved the way he presented how inner healing can be a cause for a lot of our sickness. There will be an inner healing session next Tuesday and am hoping that I can make it.

After the prayer meeting went over with Delilah and Andrew to Melody‘s house for dinner.

Got back home really late and crashed into bed.

Thursday was yet another relaxed day at work. I guess it feels that way once you set up a working system, have tested and just need to take occasional readings (of course at the same time praying it doesn’t crash! )

Dad came down on Friday. He is going back on Monday. But I was surprised!

Spent almost the whole of Friday in a discussion with our client. A nice chap and we have been learning quite a bit from him.

Had choir practice in the evening and made sure I reached there early to learn a new Konkani hymn which we will be singing for the Goan Association feast today. Chatted a bit before going home.

My PC has been giving problems again. Am getting really frustrated when this time my new hard disk suddenly disappears during operation. Problem is across both my OSes. I now have a backup of everything on the HDD. I recommend SyncBackup for your backup work. It’s free, easy to use and very powerful!

Spent whole of Saturday morning and afternoon at home, cleaning my cupboard and my computer.

Am gonna get ready now for the Goan Association. Only the clothes have been ironed. Some work remains.

I Will Sing

Just have to mention that my Dad bought me I will Sing by Don Moen. Can strike off one item from my Amazon.com wishlist.

Will update tomorrow about the events of this evening (and maybe tomorrow).

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  1. Firstly, you’re a liar.

    Secondly, I love Don Moen’s “I Will Sing”, amazing isn’t it?? Just like all his other albums!

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