Voting Day today!

Had planned on getting home yesterday and opening my books a bit. However, my stupid bus driver missed my stop as usual.

And you can’t find a rickshaw in the area. So just went off to the ATM and later met up with Madam A who works in the area and was wrapping up for the day.

Had a long discussion with her on the way back home about the utter lack of good candidates in our area and the Government at large.

Though she insists on everyone voting and I will agree with her, I can understand why people don’t.

Looking at the amount of taxes that I pay and seeing the total disgusting nature of roads not to mention other stuff I can do nothing but complain.

Adding to that is the fact that no matter which government comes into power nothing changes much around here.

Anyway, I registered before but wasn’t able to vote last time because my name wasn’t in the list. When I came home was shocked to find a voting pass with my name in it (and Father’s name miserably misspelt).

So have decided to exercise my right to vote today before someone grumbles I didn’t do it. I’ll do my part. But will the government do theirs?

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