Weekend Alone…

The weekend was fun.

With the arrival of my new DVD player, I have been watching a lot of movies before going off to bed in the last few days.

Watched Walking Tall on Wednesday and then the Big Bounce on Thursday.

Got a haircut finally! And due to this, I had to rush off for the wedding mass immediately.

So, you can imagine that I was in quite a mess during the mass. And absent minded me forgot to iron one sleeve :O

Not many noticed but big mouth me ensured that they did 🙁

Was rather exhausted by the end of the day, but I sang for the 7.00pm mass and after this made a quick stopover at my place for a change of clothes then Rhea‘s after which our choir folks went for the reception of the wedding we sang for.

The wedding was ok. But the music was terrible. No jive!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, ate, drank and got back home and had a peaceful sleep 🙂

Sunday was a movie day, mainly because my internet was down the whole day.

The morning got down to boiling milk and making my breakfast and in the bargain, the milk overflowed!
So cleaned up the place.
Also, put the clothes for wash. Now to hang them up.

Have realized that with my parents away nothing much has changed except that my housework has increased. Well, will have to do it sometime, so why not start now?

Watched The Patriot followed by Murder by Numbers and The Dirty Dozen almost back to back.

My watching of Dirty Dozen was interrupted when Anjali came over to begin our first computer/dance class.

I teach her computer basics and she teaches me jive. Quite a good deal.

She was there till nearly 9.30pm and after which I finally got online and put up the temporary site of WebberZone, which has been long overdue.
It’s still incomplete so I got a hectic evening schedule this week 😐

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