Weekends ended… almost

As per the original plan, Anacondas didn’t happen yesterday. We couldn’t make it for the movie in time, so we just chucked the plans. However we did watch Kill Bill Vol. 2, which is one of the most amazing movies I have seen. Great story line, amazing acting and a really cool soundtrack.

Had to goto IIT to pick up my IIT certificate and some other stuff, but just as we leaving my place I realized I had a puncture in the back tire of my bike.
Had to chuck the plans as the puncture took time to fix. So sometime next week!

Did watch Anacondas today with Madam A, James, Amita, Melita and Ferman. Went for the movie without expect much from it and sure enough, I didn’t get much from it.
Just a good passtime movie. It’s been criticized enough all over, so I won’t take the trouble of doing it.

Had a good afternoon sleep (oh how I miss it), before I got ready for mass.

We had plans to watch Dhoom, a Hindi movie with quite a few good reviews. But we couldn’t get good enough tickets, so James and I returned to church for mass empty handed.

Mass was normal, though we did have problems with the mics in the beginning.

Got plans for ice cream now, but I guess I will cancel, as I gotta get up early for work tomorrow. Monday morning again…..

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