Well I’ve been working…

Yet again I have failed to update my blog as much as I should have. But, as usual I have my valid reason of being really really tied down by work!

Well, this post is to tell you that I am still alive. Spent a good deal of Thursday and Saturday on my feet, with me waiting in office till 8.30pm on Thursday.
Travelling home isn’t really a problem because I catch a rickshaw (actually two) from office to home.

Had choir practice on Friday evening which I made sure I attended.

Saturday was also a well spent day, the story of which I shall dedicate another post to.

Sunday was back again to work! 🙁

Was expecting to do so anyway, so I wasn’t really complaining. However, I was expecting to get back home by 6pm.
Unfortunately, as is normal with any electronic system, I faced one problem after an another and we only managed to get the system up and running at 8pm. Did a little bit of testing, found a few bugs and finally called it a day.

Reached home and crashed into bed. Hadn’t gotten much sleep on Saturday night (story in another post).

Monday was a day I once again planned to leave office by 6pm. And by mid-afternoon I was sure I would.

Once again, Murphey showed his ugly face and the system stopped working. Had our full team trying to figure out the problem and we finally got the system up and running by 9pm!!! :O

Once again ricked it home and crashed!
Have gotten the bike to work today and am hoping to make it for the prayer meeting in the evening.

A special lunch was arranged because our clients are down here. Must confess that I ate a good amount of chicken 😀

Well, am off now, will update the blog soon (I promise) with my Saturday story.

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