Well “Worked” Week

This was indeed a well worked week.

I had to begin coding this week, and the major problem facing me was that the outputs weren’t appearing on the pins.

Began Monday researching how to produce the PWM output in an alternate method, as my original method had failed. After reading through a 151 page document I finally found the solution what remained was implementing it.

Went for choir practice after work, filled petrol and bought some chicken tikka, as mom and bro wanted to eat it.

Met up with Rhea on Tuesday after work and went off to Jade for soup before going home.

Wednesday was a really tiring day. Spent almost the whole day soldering on the PCB. First to add a 10ohm resistor and later on to replace an opto-couplor. Ofcourse, I got Naimesh helped me in this process.

Thursday was PWM day 😀
Finally, got the PWM wave to appear on the pulse output. Had to replace a zener diode in the process. Again, Naimesh to the rescue. After lot of fiddling, I got the wave of right frequency and duty cycle. Now, I need varying duty cycle for the wave. Have left that option for the new week.
Been researching on Zener diodes to find one of lower capacitance. So far unsuccessful.

My uncle came over yesterday and I took a new pension policy from ICICI Prudential. Quite a good scheme, and I save on tax as well as save for retirement. Bit early to begin thinking about it? I don’t think so.

Friday has been a really tiring day. Been working all day long with my circuit. Even have tried simulations in pspice.

Had a very heavy lunch. We had a puja for the Ganesh Festival today followed by snacks, so today work has been very “full”filling.

Got choir practice in the evening, mass tomorrow and a social after that, so its gonna be real fun.

The weekend is also here. I guess I am gonna just rest it out as much as I can, as I know I have a long week ahead of me next week.

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