We’re being reFCQed

The past week I have followed a rather standard routine.

A sample process flow for a day is given below… note for sake of readability it has been shown as a single flow, however it is a vicious cycle.

My Daily Routine

Today was the reFCQ for Six Sigma. We were surprised to find a 45minute theory paper given for just 30minutes. Considering that the rest of the batch gave a semi objective paper, this one was a killer! Tomorrow is the Operations Management reFCQ with the full portion… God bless me

On better notes, had a good Spanish viva last week as well as a few good tests to which I actually knew the answers too 🙂 Now, the corrections will make a decision.

We got a 17/20 in the Brand Management presentation we gave last week and a 50/50 in the Managerial Communication Presentation which were at the top of our batch 😀

However, one thing for sure is that thanks to the bell curve grading system that we follow, we won’t be ending up with great GPAs this semester.

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