Western Digital My Book Essential Edition – 500GB

I kept running out of storage space, so finally picked up two Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 500GB external hard drive, one for me and another for Aditya.

They come in sealed boxes complete with the essentials to get it up and running.

Installation of the hard disk is extremely simple. It is accompanied by a user manual for newbies, but I doubt you will need it because everything is just plug and play.

You get prompted to install software that comes bundled with the HDD, but I chose to not bother with the 30 day trials.

I resized the partition to around 500MB and then created a single partition with the remaining space.

Western Digital My Book Essential Edition

Though claimed to be 500GB, the hard disk is actually 465GB. Well, it still a good amount of space in addition to my 120GB and 160GB hard disks.

Now, I wonder when I will need to pick up another disk. Next stop 2TB 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Western Digital My Book Essential Edition – 500GB”

  1. The problem with large hard drives is backup. It’s important to have another drive acting as a backup or mirror so that you don’t lose 500gb of data in the event of a hard drive crash.

  2. That is a big problem indeed. That’s why I refrained from picking up the 1TB drive.

    I also make sure I backup all my important files onto online file backup services.

  3. Hi !

    Thanks for sharing ! I don’t think that It is a cool idea to have such a large volume EXTERNAL drives !

    Speed may matter !

    well , how much it costs ??

  4. Man that’s a huge hard-drive. My PC only has 250 Gigs.

    Although it’s always good to have a backup, your idea about backing up online is also good.

    Just because you have a backup drive, don’t think it wont break aswell – I recently had a 250Gb Packard-Bell drive quit on me for no reason 🙁

    Luckily, everything on my PC was still good

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