Where did they go from here? v1.3.1

I’ve just uploaded Where did they go from here v1.3.1 to the repository.

This plugin will show "Readers who viewed this page, also viewed" links on your page.

The one and major change is a one liner of code that I had missed in my earlier release. Unfortunately, the old release would not have tracked any new hits. So, please upgrade to this version immediately.

I have a new version on the cards that improves thumbnail detection and with better support for non-standard WordPress installations, i.e. where the wp-content or plugin folders have been moved from their normal locations.

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1 thought on “Where did they go from here? v1.3.1”

  1. I’m very nosey and like checking out stats like who came from where and where my visitors go after visiting my blog. I’m going to install this to help with my online stalking fetish. 😀

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