Where did they go from here v1.5

After many many months, I have finally updated one of my WordPress plugins.

Where did they go from here has been updated to v1.5


  • Fixed: Compability problem with WordPress blog in the subdirectory
  • Added: Option to excludes posts from certain categories to be displayed

If you’re a translator and interested in translating this plugin into different languages, do drop me an email.

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  1. I’ve been using this plugin for a while, but was just disappointed to discover it doesn’t work the way I thought it did. What I *thought* this plugin did, was to keep track of the MOST visited \”next\” posts for a particular blog post, and ranked them according to popularity. But what it actually does, is just lists the three (or whatever number is chosen) most recently visited posts.

    This is not at all what I had in mind – I thought this was a plugin that would truly gauge what most people were visiting after reading a particular post (which would be a GREAT plugin).


    • Thanks. Seems to me your plugin is already part way there since it’s tracking clicks. Right now I’m looking for an alternative related posts plugin – but I think this idea would be ideal as it’s based on \”votes\” by clicks. 🙂


      • Actually the plugin is rather basic currently. It just tracks visits on the last X posts. However, what it doesn’t yet do is track how many visits these are and would actually require a database modification.
        Will do my research when I can.
        If you do find a similar plugin, do point me to it

  2. Hi,

    I amusing the plugin and it is great however I recently started using W3 total cache and now when i make a new posts it seems to dupilcate the posts in the count! What is happening here? Is there a fix?



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