Windows Messenger Live Invite Giveaway

Current Invite Count : 0

I am giving away invites to
Windows Live Messenger.
If you are interested in receiving an invite then please post a comment below giving me a good reason I should give this to you.

What it is?
Windows Live Messenger will be the next-generation MSN Messenger. It will have everything you already love about Messenger

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  1. Hey send me one too. Heard about but was not intrested because I was turning a bit anti to MS products. lets check it out.

  2. Hola!

    Id really appreciate an invite if thats ok? I could return the favour by sorting you out some free gear once added?


  3. Well, I guess I don’t really have a reason, except that I’m very interested in trying out the new features, and such.

  4. Hello. My very good and solid reason to receive an invite is the very fact I spend 90% of my weekends using MSN Messenger to talk to family and friends. I live away from my family due to the fact that I am an exchange student of Norway. Please be generous and give me an invite.
    Thanks again, Clint

  5. Edward, Dan, Harry, Thilak, Neil, Kas, Vic and Clint, I am currently out of invites.

    Seems like MS isn’t giving me more contrary to what I expected.

    But, as soon as I get them, I will send them.

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