WordPress 2.1 is out

Code named Ella, after Ella Fitzgerald, the latest version viz. 2.1 has been released by the WordPress development team.

WordPress 1.5 was an amazing release of WordPress coming from 1.2. However, WordPress 2.0, though major seemed to be a heavily bugged release. Many of the “features” were debatable and had mixed results.

Little wonder, that the team decided to let you vote on/post ideas to better WordPress.

The new version comes feature packed with several new additions. Technosailor gives you some detail while the WordPress Blog release post just lists them out for quick reading.

I’ll be making a more detailed post about the new features and what I think about them over at Techtites when I upgrade that blog.. I won’t be upgrading this blog for a while, just to have one blog running the 2.0 stream.

There are quite a few good developer features added which I would love to see more documentation on. Will be useful for both themes and plugins that I have in queue.

Please do vote on features you would like to see in WordPress 2.2. The team plans to make more frequent releases with the next scheduled on April 23. I just hope they make it easier to upgrade.
As of today, upgrading WordPress is a pain!

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  1. I’ve been a user since 2.03 – I still think it’s too hard for anyone other than the enthusiast to use, which is a very bad thing. I know wordpress.com is supposed to address this, but it’s too limited.

  2. Actually, WP is easy to use if you don’t want to do anything with it, i.e. install and blog… you’re kinda done.

    If you are looking to do a lot more, then well, there is a steep learning curve. But, I guess it is the same with most software.

  3. I’ve also upgraded mainly to know if everything from my new theme is working properly.

    I’m in fact very satisfied with WordPress and finds it the best blogging platform.

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