WordPress breaks Copy-Paste

Ran into this problem when I was reapplying my WordPress Hack. Didn’t think much of it until I read Alex’s post on it.

In short the problem is that WordPress automatically converts quotes in your post to “smart” quotes.
Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for you. But it will for someone who wants to copy and paste the content from your blog to their site.

This becomes more severe when the content they are copy-pasting is code (as in the case of my hack). I noticed my blog giving javascript errors. I was able figure out the problem only when I pasted it in Notepad and found weird looking quotes.

You can use Alex’s WP Unformatted plugin to disable Smart Quotes on a post wise basis.

I guess a good thing to do would be to put code in a seperate text file and provide a link to it.

As for smart quotes, I guess it is wait and watch as of now.

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