Using Open Browser Window Plugin with IImage Browser

This hack requires you to have the IImage Browser Plugin and my Open Browser Window Plugin.

Once you have these two installed you can go about the hack:
1. Open iimage-browser.php

2. Find:

$ib_custom_code_thumb = 'Must be set in iimage-browser.php';

3. Replace with:

$ib_custom_code_thumb = '<a href="%src" ><img src="%tsrc" title="%title" alt="%title" width="%twidth" height="%theight" /></a>';

Using this hack you can now center the new browser window.

Download the hack here.

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4 thoughts on “Using Open Browser Window Plugin with IImage Browser

  1. Please help i am not able to open the pictures in a new window.
    Tries everything sounds stupid but it does not work for me
    Is ther anything that has to be modifies in the code below.
    $ib_custom_code_thumb = ‘<a href=\”%src\” rel=\”nofollow\”></a<‘;

    Or maybe in the other file that came with the download please be very clear because im realy stuck and just starting with this got the IImage browser working but the only thing i need is the popup in a new window.

  2. Firstly you need to have IImage browser plugin and Open browser plugin installed and activated.

    Next copy the code above and edit iimage-browser.php

    Please read this post and/or the hack as it explains everything step by step.

  3. Hi Ajay, thanks for pointing me here, I got confused about this two hacks, so I just tried the other one.

    This one works much better and Firefox has a white space on left and up, without scrollbars. I took another screenshot just in case you don’t have Firefox.

    As I asked you once, it will be great that the image title tag will be displayed on the popup windows – for example, replacing the server URL and image info… the problem will be that someone might like that option also.

  4. Didn’t have 1.5RC but am waiting for 1.5 to come out.

    Anyway, as I mentioned the browser bug causes this problem.

    Will actually be implementing the hack as you said which wil display the image info. However, this gets a bit more complicated, so have to figure out how exactly I should make it to ensure that those who don’t want that option don’t need to use it.

    Also, have to ensure it works with WordPress 2.0

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