Bad Behavior Stats

I have stopped development on this plugin. The functionality has been inbuilt in Bad Behavior for a long long time now and it should be sufficient for most users.

Thanks for everyone who actively used (or still use) this plugin. It was the first that launched me in the world of WordPress Development. 😀

I am sure some of my other plugins will interest you!

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28 thoughts on “Bad Behavior Stats”

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  3. w00t!!! It is ready! Ajay, you rock! I’ll be installing this in a few seconds!

    I will try sending a small donation to you in the next few days, I respect the work of software developers and recognize all the work and effort you guys put in your work. Whenever I can, I try to help.

    Again, thank you so much! Way cool!

  4. thanks for the plugins but. I have problem when installed it.
    It display message \”Please install / activate Bad Behavior\”
    I has installed bad behaviour 2.0.1 and bad behaviour stast 1.6
    Wheri did wrong on installation?

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  7. Exactly what is this plugin supposed to do? I’m looking at plugins but this page seems a little vague (even with all the copy!) Maybe I’ve been up for a little too long!

  8. For now, I am sticking with Akismet only. Once the comment spam goes up, I’ll probably start using bad behavior as well

  9. Nice plugin thanks a bunch for this, currently I have been using askimet to help with comments, which is good but I am look at other moderation solutions also.

  10. I haven’t tested it with 2.2.1 or above. However, technically it should work. If you notice any problems, please do let me know…

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