Transpose Email Plugin

This plugin is no longer being developed or supported. It is recommended that you discontinue the use of this plugin and find an alternative, if applicable.


Putting your email address in a blog post is an open invitation to spammers. There are several methods to prevent this, like using a contact form or obfuscating your email.

Transpose Email plugin allows you to use JavaScript to create an encoded link. Clicking that link will trigger the user’s email client to open and create an email.

You have the option to set the default subject line to whatever you want.


  • Easy to use and edit.
  • Doesn’t require any external program to encrypt your email.
  • Function can be called muliple times on the same page, just by passing different email addresses.
  • Uses the user’s default email program like Outlook Express to send the email. So, will work even your host has disabled the mail() function of php as well as SMTP.
  • Doesn’t require reencrypting of your email address in case it changes. All you need to do is update the arguments to the function.



  1. Download Transpose Email Plugin.
  2. Extract the contents of to wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activate the Plugin.
  4. Read the Customizing section.

The JavaScript Function:


  • userid – The part that comes before the @ in your email address e.g. my email address is [email protected], so I enter it as me
  • domain – The part that comes after the @ in your email address e.g. my email address is [email protected], so I enter it as
  • subject – The subject line of the email you will receive.


Example: <a href="javascript:Transpose_Email('user','','About your site') ">Email Me</a>

Ofcourse, change and user to that of your email address. Change the subject line if you want to.


  • 1.3.1 – Minor JS fixes
  • 1.3
    • Better support for blogs which have the `wp-content` folder moved from the original folder
    • Added support for blank subject line
  • 1.2.1 – Uploaded the plugin on
  • 1.2 – Code remains same. Minor corrections to Readme file
  • 1.1 – Moved the javascript function to an external .js file. Now the plugin works even when your blog is served as application/xhtml+xml on browsers that support it, e.g Firefox
  • 1.0 – Release


All files and their contents are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


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