Work, work,work and…

Last two has been pretty much work.

Had a very exhausting Monday as I sat and did a lot of coding for my project. Was so zonked by the end of it that I had such peaceful sleep in the bus despite the noise and sound pollution and his reckless driving.

Had to go for choir practice immediately after I reached home, so did have much of a breather.

Have a two wedding masses to sing for on 22nd and so preparations for them are underway. I most probably won’t be able to attend the first, but will be there for the second.

Stopped back at U. Conrad‘s place to do some computer work and it was past 10pm when I reached home. Dropped off to bed rather late, since my datacable had arrived and so was trying to get it to work.

Awoke early Tuesday morning, but reached work late :-S

Tuesday was yet another tiring day. However, I got my first taste of our modules, so it was good fun.

Had to go for the prayer meeting to Bandra, so had taken the bike. My hands froze in the morning. The temperatures in Mumbai are taking a dip.

Got stuck in major traffic inbetween Sion and Bandra and was able to reach St. Joseph’s only at 7.40pm, half an hour later than usual:(

Prayer meeting was different because it was an all Bandra rally and was supposed to be like a workshop. Was a bit longer as it went on till 9.30pm.

Said quick Hi’s and bye’s to most before I left for home. Went to bed rather late as I was busy figuring out how to create a playlist on my Nokia 6230, so that I can nicely listen to music. After lots of browsing, I found a good solution to the same. Well here is my step by step guide on what you will need to do to get your 6230 Music player to play your music.

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