Would you coComment?

Following the instructions to add coComment to WordPress, I am thinking of doing the same for my blog.

coComment is a unique service. You can track comments on blogs you comment on and track the resulting conversation.

Quite and interesting and innovative concept, which I have been playing with recently. However, like I said I am thinking of integrating it on this blog. It is not a privacy hazard or something because you have to be a member of coComment to save your comments.

Normal users will continue to comment as usual. There are a few questions yet which I plan on getting addressed by the team out there. Am awaiting their reply.

However, since you are my visitors, what do you think about this?

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4 thoughts on “Would you coComment?”

  1. Hey Ajay,
    can you tell us more about the questions you have? The coComment team is always looking for feedback and suggestions so don’t hesitate!

  2. Hello Laurent,

    I have been in touch with Nicholas regarding the javascript and have posted a comment on your post as well.

    Will give feedback as and when I think about it.

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