I put up the Connections Reloaded 2 Roadmap over a year ago and updated the same with the Connections Revolutions Roadmap in mid-Feb.

It’s December now and the only site that is running Connections Revolutions is this blog.

With over 6000 downloads from this site alone for Reloaded, to be honest I lost the interest to create an updated version of this theme.
Nor did I receive any encouragement for the same, either in the form of donations and/or through requests.

Just got a request today about Connections Revolutions and would like to throw this question over to the public.

Would you like to see a Connections Revolutions? And what would you like to see in it?

It will have all the features of Connections Reloaded, but in addition to that it will sport a 3-layout, have complete internationalization, additional page templates, better WordPress Widgets support.

I also plan on implementing easy editting of the theme in the Admin area itself.

But, I will not commit to any timeframe. Studies, maintaining this blog and Techtites, besides my other ventures is a full time job.

If you are keen to get Connections Revolutions out, please send in your donation.
I hope to raise $500 by December end or early January.

You can send in a donation via Paypal. Click the button below. It will send you to the Paypal site.

Remember that donations of $50 and above will receive a special mention on the PR5 Donation Received Page

If you don’t wish to donate, you can even buy advertisements on various pages and feeds.

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