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Update: STC is now active on the blog. There has been a few improments in the code since I last used it.
Just one point I noticed is that the code for the “Subscribe without Commenting” form is not XHTML 1.1 complaint. For that you need to add <fieldset style="border:none"> after the opening form tag and a </fieldset> before the closing form tag.


Thilak suggested that I get hold of the Subscribe to Comments plugin.

But, I am reluctant because of only one reason.

I had the plugin running on this blog a few months back for a good deal of time. However, I realized that I was getting comments from a lot of users giving incorrect email addresses.

I don’t really understand why users would do that, because your email address is completely safe with me (except if someone hacks this blog).

As a result, I used to get a good number of bounced email notifications everytime the Comments Added email was sent. This meant me manually “unsubscribing” these incorrect email address.

But, I am game to adding this plugin to my blog once again subject to feedback from readers, i.e. YOU!

Would you like to subscribe to comments on this blog? Your email address will not be disclosed and you will be able to unsubscribe and anytime.

Do comment below and let me know.

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