Yet Another Weekly Update

Have been meaning to make a post this whole week but sometimes, life just won’t let you blog!

So finally here I am making a post before I forget everything 😉

I did finish reading Robert Ludlum?s The Lazarus Vendetta.
The book was really amazing!

Indian Flag Friday the 26th was India’s 57th Republic Day. It also happens to be the day my parish hosts the Association day, where all the associations in my parish get together to celebrate our “togetherness”.

I wasn’t keeping too well and by the end of the evening had developed a splitting headache. This just got worse as the night progressed and I woke up on Saturday with my head throbbing.
Slept the whole of Saturday after popping in a few crocins. Things did get better by night, but had to miss mass on Saturday. Anyway, had plans for Sundays mass in the evening as I was asked to “deliver some tips” to examination students! These deserve a seperate post 😉

Before that I went to give my Mock CET. Have been getting good results as per TIME, however, I am not happy.

Monday was choir practice as usual in the evening. Have been making it a point to go for the practice unless it is an unavoidable situation.

The rest of the day was as usual spent at home, as was the case of Tuesday as well except for evening.

Did venture out on Wednesday to buy the CET ’07 forms, but seeing the lines postponed the visit.

And Thursday, i.e. today heralded another set of good news. I’ve got called for the GDPI rounds at XIMB. Finally things seem to be shaping up.

My Pune visit this weekend also seems to be shaping up. I haven’t prepared much for the GDPI. Going to do some of it tomorrow as well as Saturday.

In case I don’t post before that, I’m out this weekend with no computer access. Wish me luck, for the GDPI i.e. 😉

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  1. I’ve read the Bourne trilogy by RObert Ludlum..Now I’m checking on The Lazarus Vendetta..I hope it’s awesome as the Bourne trilogy 🙂

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