Zonals 50

After yet another exhausting work week in which I spent Thursday working till 8.15pm in office, I was really really looking forward to the weekend.

Had planned to buy my cell this weekend, however, it didn’t happen.

Elvis and Delilah are back and Melody had booked tickets for St. Andrew’s Parish Zonals. I was under the impression that it would only be a series of plays. However, it turned out to be more.

I was really impressed by the talent of the youngsters especially those on the piano. And when I say, youngsters, I mean really young.

The plays were moderate and so the instrumentals and the singers were the real show stealers. The plays went on till nearly 11pm. And after this, we decided to go to Gondola’s in Pali.

Had plans to go to Mocha’s but couldn’t find the place and we got really bored of waiting. Wandered around Bandstand for a while around 1am which is a bit early in the morning, crowded and swept by cops so dropped that idea as well.

So we just dropped Delilah and Elvis home. Got back and Melody realized she hadn’t carried her keys. So waited a while for her folks to get back (thankfully they weren’t too far away) before I made my way home around 1.45am.

What I have completely forgotten to mention so far was me losing my contact lens at Melody’s place. Or so I thought…

I displaced the lens of my left eye and suddenly the world around me was semi-blurred. Caused a good amount of chaos because Elvis, Melody and me were on fours in her house looking for the lens. Adding to this her Mom and Dad also came down to look for it, with her dad armed with a torch. All in vain.

We were getting late for the play and so we set off without the lens. On the way there, I decided to rub my eye and behold I could see. The lens had shifted below my eyelid and so couldn’t even be seen by anyone staring into my eye.

Well, the whole episode ensured a good amount of laughter and a lot of teasing for the rest of the evening!

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  1. You will NOT believe this… but the 3rd play won…

    Yup, that’s what I said, the play about the “Foreign Sabu” actually won….

    Weird, seems like they have so much talent but no good judges, huh???

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