Found a common PPT that has been circulating the web.

It starts with the picture of a rooster and then zooms out a bit to show you kids looking at it. Zooms out still more to see the kids standing as you view through their door.
As you advance, you keep zooming out from picture to picture.

What really impressed me was the concept of this and the imagination used to create these images.

The show concludes with this paragraph:

Human beings are such small creatures, aren’t they ?
So don’t be too calculative on everything,
Treasure every moment, do what you wish to do …..
Broaden your view, broaden your mind,
Don’t worry on something bothering you,
Do treasure your life, live safely and peacefully,
Always be happy to welcome the coming of the new day ….. look at the sun shines …

You can download and view the slideshow here.

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