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    Big “nothing worth purchasing” Bazaar!

    My experience with Big Bazaar during Diwali remains unchanged. Three years back I had a horrible experience at Big Bazaar and this year it just worsened. As I mentioned yesterday, I intended to go shopping to Big Bazaar at Lower Parel today in order to redeem some discount coupons. Considering the Diwali season, Big Bazaar has tonnes of sales and offers to entice the Diwali shopper. It is also the time the store is extremely crowded. However, I was hoping that I would find atleast a single pair of shoes since that is currently a necessity. Found one, a Puma model. However it wasn’t very comfortable. Hunted throughout the store…

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    Two down, Six to Go, Vacations till then

    Finished off my FSA paper on 23rd and awoke early Saturday morning for some last minute preparations for the SAP-BIW paper. This turned out to be a very comfortable paper to write in 90 minutes. Had a quick breakfast and got down to packing for my journey to Mumbai. I love travelling light and infact that is what I did. Picked up my laptop and a few essentials and caught an extremely crowded 11.15am bus from college to Aundh. Was fortunate enough to get a Metrolink volvo to Dadar immediately. Ticket prices were hiked considering that everyone is rushing to Mumbai for their Diwali vacations. The bus was quick and…

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    Diwali in Mumbai

    Yes yes, I’m more than 10 days late with this post as well. But, managing to blog while attending lectures and being in two committees is a big big challenge. When I came down to Mumbai on January 4th, I did receive a welcome surprise from my Mom and Bro. Started off the Diwali vacations with mass on Sunday followed by a decent haircut (the last ones were two and half months back)! Picked up my bike from Abhijeet Jana, who has been using it while I’m out here in Pune and then went with for Nancy Drew on Sunday evening. During the week, I was invited for a well cooked…

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    Life Last Two Months

    Have I been busy or have I been bored, considering my last post was two months back! Well, busy is more like it. WebComm Team This team was instituted after Ravi and I joined / founded it. And work was hectic the last week of August and the first week of September. While we did get the SCMHRD site up and running, as you can see it is painfully slow. There’s absolutely nothing I can do to speed it up except redesign the entire site. I’ve been working on a layout and speeded up the entire thing. A test site has worked decently, but I guess I will have to…

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    Kababs and Reclamation

    Today was the third day of our Diwali holidays and was a day totally spent at home until evening. Austin came online and asked if I had plans. We decided to take the Lobo sisters (Madam A and Amita) with us. The four of us set out for Mahim-Bandra. Amita and I headed straight for Bandra Reclamation expecting them to be there. However, they had already set off to Mahim. Met them there and we went to have kababs and parathas at a small joint out there. I was shocked to find them to be rather excellent despite the fact that they were priced at such a rate that travelling…

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    Morning mass

    Just got back from church. Mass today was mediocre as we just sang three hymns. As a result it was also very short for a Sunday mass. The quorum was bad despite it being the 8.30am mass for both children and adults. Have plans for shopping today. Being Diwali season, am expecting a lot of discounts. So once again I’m off to update my wardrobe.

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