Read my essay on HeroPress

When chatting with Topher more than a year ago, he suggested that I should write an essay for HeroPress. HeroPress tells the stories of people in WordPress. At the time of this post, nearly 250 people have told their life stories…

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Reading update (Jan 2023)

In my Happy New Year post, I posted a brief reading update. I finished 2022 with about 60 books or about double the target I set at the start of the year. This year I’ve set a target of 40…

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Happy New Year 2023!

It has been several years since I have written so few posts in a year. 2022 was such a year where my priorities changed. Some parts of the year were expected, but a lot was unexpected and much of it…

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The August 2022 Reading Update

This year has been extremely busy and I can’t believe that 8 months have already flown by. I continued reading books into 2022 with the same level of enthusiasm and only just realised that I haven’t found the time to…

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Life Update (2022 edition)

A few days back someone reminded me that I hadn’t blogged here in a while. In fact my last post was at the end of last year! Here goes a brief overview of what I’ve been up to these past…

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Happy New Year 2022!

Higher Brownstone Farm

2021 sure has flown by. It feels like I’ve just said Happy New Year 2021. Keeping in line with tradition, here is my year in review. Life The pandemic continued in full force into 2021 and looks like it’s here…

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The December 2021 Reading Update

In March this year, with great excitement, I blogged about the books I had read. Excitement because I had read 7 out of my target of 20 books for 2021. Sitting here in the middle of December, I am pleased…

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