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    My feed via Email

    You can now signup to receive updates to this site via email. For those who don’t prefer subscribing via RSS, you can enter you email address and whenever there is a new post, you will receive an email. Enter you email below: Enter your Email

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    Cleanup my blog

    Finally got down to removing what I felt unnecessary on this blog. These include the Newsletter which I added recently. Instead of using the Newsletter, I feel a better way to keep in track with the blog is to use the RSS Subscriptions that it offers. Choose from various ways to subscribe under Subscriptions in the sidebar to your left. I have also removed the WAP, Print and Email features for the blog. Additionally, I have reduced the number of posts displayed on the main page from 10 to 5 to speed up loading time of this site. I am looking to see if there is a way the visitor…

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    Transpose Email Plugin v1.1 Released

    I have released v1.1 of Transpose Email plugin. It fixes the javascript error when the blog was served as application/xhtml+xml Thanks to Sam Stevens for informing me that my example on my blog didn’t work in firefox 😀 The plugin has now been tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera on Windows XP when the page is served as both text/html and application/xhtml+xml Users of other browsers and operating systems please give me your feedback.

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    Transpose Email Plugin

    I have a javascript function on my other website which was used to ‘encrypt’ my email address. It is different from other email address encrypters, mainly because it was easy to use and edit and didn’t require use of an external program to do the encrypting for you. You had to enter it in reverse format as [email protected] and call the javascript function in the body of the page. I simply modified the javascript function to accept the email address as an argument and then converted it into a plugin for wordpress. Read more about the Transpose Email Plugin.

  • Software & Service Reviews

    Spam Arrest – Take control of your INBOX now!

    Note: This is NOT a paid review. However, links in this post are affiliate links. Are you afraid to login to you email account because of the dreaded amount of spam you see? Are you fed up of receiving tonnes of email informing you of a product you will never buy, a service you will never use. What about the whole truckload of junk selling you drugs to improve your masculinity? Not to mention those that implore you play some online games? Spending more time deleting emails than actually reading some? Well, simply put you are just fed up of the junk you receive and are looking for some way…

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    Print, Mail and WAP

    Gamerz has updated his Print and Mail Hacks for WordPress 1.5 and so I took the opportunity to once again add the Print and the Mail features to my blog. (Check out the printer and the email icons below each post) Of course, I had to do a lot of editting to the files to fit them into my blog template. Also added Page Navigation plugin by him for easy browsing of the archives. Check it at the bottom of this page just below « Previous Entries       Next Entries » And last, but not the least, I have once again WAP Enabled my blog. Again, thanks to his plugin. Browse it…

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