Featured in Mumbai Mirror’s Bloggers’ Park

Imagine my shock, surprise and excitement to find out that my review of Slumdog Millionaire was featured in Mumbai Mirror’s Bloggers’ Park.

Here’s a softcopy of the article as it appeared in the newspaper.

Mumbai Mirror Blogger's Park - 24-Feb-09

Mumbai Mirror is a newspaper focused for Mumbai that comes along with The Times of India.

Though, I must say that I didn’t see much traffic coming out here because of the article, I am pleased that my review was considered newspaper worthy 🙂

Thank you Mumbai Mirror! And, thanks to @rahuljrark of Cool Tricks N Tips for pointing this out to me.

Christmas and New Year bash at Cheth Studios

With over 50,000 Entrecard Credits, tonnes of ad spots and a few special prizes, Christmas has come early at Cheth Studios.


#1 (15,000 EC credits, $5 , Ad Spaces, Blog consulting)

5000 EC Credits worth $30 sponsored by: chethstudios
3000 EC Credits worth $18 sponsored by:anshuldudeja
2000 EC Credits worth $6 sponsored by: dwaynereaves.com
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Blog consulting by: sitegorge
468 x 60 ad spot for 6 months at broodonline

Why You should Comment on my Blog

Inspite of the fact that my comment policy (has anyone read these?) is a little “strict”, I’ve been very liberal about comments and trackbacks on this blog.

My comments have finally risen and I’ve always believed to make it worth the while for you to comment out here.

I’ve had the DoFollow plugin for a long long time already. DoFollow removes the nofollow that WordPress adds automatically. This means that now when you leave a URL with your comment, you will receive a clean link back to your site.
Google will follow this and ensure you are benefited by the pagerank of the post and site.

I have also recently added the Show Top Commenters plugin on this blog. As you can see the sidebar now displays a list of all the top commenters. I’ve set it to seven days which is a rolling window. Only the top ten commenters of the past week are listed.
If you provide a URL, you’re name is linked to the URL.

This list is displayed on over 1000 pages on the site, many of which are in the range of PR4 to PR6. It doesn’t get any better.

And, all you have to do is comment and make sure you leave a URL in the right place.

Do you need anymore reasons to comment? If so, I’d like to hear it.

Have you taken the Poll

Honestly, I am a little disappointed. I’ve been running the poll for five days now, and I’ve received only 25 votes.

I thought polls were something that people loved and I did ask a relevant question. Anyway, I’m going to try my luck again and implore my 250+ readers plus the thousand or so who wander along here to take the poll below.

It asks a simple question, which is your reason for having visited the blog.

The idea behind this poll is to help generate content that you would like to read. I want you to read and join the participation and what better way than to get you to tell me what you want to see.

Why are you here?

Copyblogger has an interesting article on improving blog stickiness.

Of the four points listed the point that topped the list was “Ask”, which is something I believe in.
While this blog focuses on my life in general, it wouldn’t be successful without YOU. And what better way to ask than via polls.

I’ve signed up with PollDaddy.com to bring you weekly or forthnightly polls so that I can gather more information about who you are and why you are here. The polls are ofcourse optional, but it will help me serve you better.

The Poll for this week asks the question in the headline… Why are you here?

In addition to taking the poll, do comment and let me know why you visit this blog.
Are you a regular reader?
And if you here only occasionally, what can I do to make you a permanent reader?

Writing for WLTC

Regular readers of WLTC must have found a lot of posts by me since the beginning of this year.

Weblog Tools Collection is one of the biggest blog resource sites which I’ve been reading for a good number of years now. I used to post my theme and plugin related notifications out there.

Late December, Mark asked me start writing for WLTC and I happily jumped at the offer 🙂

Here’s the formal announcement.

You will now see my posts regularly at WLTC. I will be covering WordPress news, reviews and analysis of plugins, themes, hacks as well as general blogging related topics.

This is a great opportunity and an equally great learning experience to be writing for a site the size of WLTC (it gets more hits in a day than this blog get in a month :O ).
I’m reaching out to several thousand people, if not more, besides being on the Dashboard of all users of WordPress.

Thanks Mark!