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    12 funny 12 Days of Christmas versions

    If you don’t know why there are 12 Days of Christmas, then you should first read this article. But, this has been one of my favourite Christmas carols forever. So, in no particular order: The Indian way If you smell…what the Rock is singing If Shrek was a Christmas carol.. Join the muppets… Straight No Chaser Bob & Doug’s 12 Days of Christmas Narrated – Here’s what happens when you mix these many gifts together For the Linux lovers out there 12 days of Christmas on a budget Don’t drink and sing… When the recession hit… The voice of Bill Ives

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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my visitors. May you have a great year ahead. And, here’s a treat to know what the story of Christmas would have been like if we had Facebook 2010+ years back!

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    One Word for Hugh Jackman’s Oscar Opening: Spectacular!

    I’ve seen tonnes of movies of Hugh Jackman and all have mostly been action sequences. So, his opening night Oscar Performance was totally out of the blue! In one word: Spectacular. I, for one, didn’t even know that he could sing and dance and do it so well. Way to go. Maybe a movie with a similar performance? I’m really looking forward to X-Men Origins, which is due to be released here in India sometime soon 🙂

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    Americans are NOT stupid

    This is indeed a must see video for all Americans. Note that this is not meant to be some kind of cross-country hate video. Nor am I striking up a debate. I’m pretty sure the video was doctored for its humour, so take it with a pinch of salt. And what are your opinions on the same? If you can’t see the video above then view it on YouTube directly.

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    Weekend in Pune

    Those who have been reading the comments out here (not to mention the posts), would have known that I was in Pune this weekend for the SCMHRD Group Discussions and Personal Interview. This is only my second trip to Pune, with the first one not being a pleasurable experience.

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    Karle Karle Kuch Sawaal

    Saw this promo for Kaun Banega Crorepati 3 today on tv and as expected found it on Youtube 🙂 This one is the song Karle Karle Kuch Sawaal which features Shahrukh Khan. I’m really impressed by the promos of KBC3. I don’t think either 1 or 2 had such promo videos. If you can’t see the video above then view it on YouTube directly.

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