WordPress Plugins

Add to All

Add to All is a powerful plugin that will allow you to add custom code or CSS to your header, footer, content or feed.

Add to Feed

Add to Feed is a feed enhancement plugin that allow you to add a copyright message to your feed as well as custom text/HTML before and/or after your post content.

Alexa Traffic Rank Button Generator

This plugin will let you easily display your Alexa traffic button or graph.

Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks

Close comments, pingbacks and trackbacks on your post automatically at intervals set by you

Contextual Related Posts

Display a list of contextually related posts for the current post. You can select the number of posts to display and if you want to automatically display the related posts in your content / feed.

Contextual Related Posts Taxonomy Tools

Restrict the related posts generated by CRP to the categories and/or tags of the current posts.

GreyBox Integrator

GreyBox is a script can be used to display websites, images and other content in a beautiful way. GreyBox Integrator provides a one-click installation of GreyBox on your WordPress blog.

Moderation Author Notify

This plugin will notify the author of the post in addition to the admin. This will allow the author to moderate the comments too.

Open Browser Window

Open a new browser window using javascript. Select what features you want including centering the window

Open Picture Window

Opens a new browser window containing the image specified using JavaScript. You have the option to choose the features as well as choose if you want it to be centered.

reddit button

Add a reddit button to your blog post

Top 10

Count page views on posts and display a list of top posts by page views.

Transpose Email

Keeps your email safe from spammers when you want to use mailto: links.


Integrate TwitterCounter.com badges on your blog to display the number of followers you have on Twitter

Where did they go from here?

This plugin will show “Readers who viewed this page, also viewed” links on your page. This is similar to Amazon’s product pages which state “Readers who have bought this, also bought”.


WP-Niceforms provides a one-click installation of Niceforms on your WordPress blog.

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